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About bluefire specialty.

About Bluefire Specialty

Just like our name says: We specialize in the cross-border insurance you need to protect your tour bus business when you cross from Mexico into the United States. At Bluefire Specialty, we help you navigate those roads by being your partner in insurance.

When on the road, you need to safely insure your passengers. It can be a tricky journey, but having the best partner on the road with Bluefire Specialty will make your path much smoother.

Cross-border Insurance with Bluefire Specialty

If your business drives into the U.S., then you understand how important it is to find insurance coverage that protects you and your passengers smoothly as you travel between countries. This travel requires special coverage to stay legally compliant as well as insured against damage, theft and other possibilities.

That’s why Bluefire Specialty offers:

Customized Options

Let us help you find flexible cross-border carrier insurance options that fit your needs, schedule and budget.

Flexible Plans

Whether you are helping people travel across the border or you are bringing in merchandise, we offer plans that work around your business.


Affordable and competitive insurance is what we bring to the table. Tell us what you need and how much you want to spend and we’ll make it happen.

Unsurpassed Service

We operate under the principle of stellar customer service all the time. We are committed to offering the absolute best in service and support.

Bilingual Agents

We offer a dedicated staff of professional, experienced and bilingual staff available to you when you need us. You can call us anytime from Monday through Friday from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm PST or reach us online 24/7/365.

We Are the Best Insurance Carrier for Businesses Crossing into the U.S.

Cross-border bus driver.

You want on-the-road insurance that helps you move smoothly and safely from one country to another. At Bluefire Specialty, we are dedicated to being your partner on the road with affordable solutions to Mexico companies driving across borders.

Trust our experienced bilingual agents to help you find the right solution for your travels.

Call us at the following toll-free numbers for immediate help!

Cross-border Bus Insurance